Rose of Bulgaria NOURISHING Hair Mask 300ml
Nourishing mask, specially formulated to meet the needs of dry, dull hair with split ends, damage..
Yoghurt of Bulgaria PROBIOTIC ANTI AGE EYE CONCENTRAT with natural rose oil 40ml
  Amazing concentrated youth and beauty for your skin. Highly effective ultra light crea..
Biofresh Hand Cream LAVENDER 75ml
Intensively nourishing and soothing hand cream with almond oil, coconut oil and glycerin. This cr..
Biofresh Anti-Cellulite Soap for Women LAVENDER Natural Product 100gr/3.38oz
An incredible soap infused with pure botanical palm and coconut oil, enriched with gently exfolia..
Yoghurt of Bulgaria PROBIOTIC CREAM SOAP 100gr
Mild formula, ensuring excellent cleansing and, at the same time, good skin care, due to the palm..
Biofresh Bulgarian Rose Hair Conditioner with rose water 330ml
The natural rose water with high contents of ether rose oil is a unique component in this conditi..
Yoghurt of Bulgaria PROBIOTIC ULTRA DELICATE CLEANSING MILK with rose oil 230ml
Special formula developed for the delicate cleansing of facial skin. The product satisfies the de..
Rose of Bulgaria EXFOLIATING Body Lotion 230 ml/7.78oz
The ultrafine microspheres of this delicate and toning lotion effectively exfoliate the skin, cle..
Biofresh Bulgarian Rose cosmetic Soap + rose water 100gr/3.53oz
Natural formula with 100% plant palm and coconut oil, without preservatives. It contains delicate..
Yoghurt of Bulgaria probiotic face cream with rose oil 100ml
A new revolutionary product containing extremely effective active ingredients – a probiotic of ..
Rose of Bulgaria ULTRA ACTIVE NIGHT CREAM - Pure Bulgarian Rose oil
Special complex for deep nutrition and regeneration. Stimulates the skin’s own self-protecting ..
Biofresh Bulgarian Night cream with ROSE water 50ml
Centuries running people trust the healing characteristics and the beautifying effect of the natu..
Rose of Bulgaria FIRMING Body Cream 330ml/11.15oz
Remodels, tightens the abdomen and tones skin. Due to the extract of green coffee, containing a n..
Rose of Bulgaria  Balancing Shampoo
A nourishing, softening and extra-delicate shampoo, enriched with 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil, ..
Yoghurt of Bulgaria probiotic Rejuvenating Hand Cream 75ml
Hands are the greatest traitor of a woman’s age. This exceptional hand cream instantly hydr..
Night Cream Anti-Age LAVENDER Natural Product 50ml
A unique complex of phyto-nutrients, featuring jojoba oil, coconut oil and almond oil, to provide..
Refan Shampoo  Lavender and Oats 100ml
Shampoo and shower gels suitable for any type of hair and skin with incredibly rich aroma of Bulg..
Rose of Bulgaria  MILD Massage Cream  300ml/10.15oz
Provides a great relaxing effect. Improves blood circulation for increased cell renewal. Leaves s..