Refan Peeling Cosmetic Soap-sponge Red Wine 80gr
Energizing wine cocktail for your skin. The flavour of red wine and the rich creamy lather give y..
Refan Bulgarian rose "Queen Rose" night essence/cream 30ml
  It combines the anti-inflammatory properties of the rose essential oil and rose concre..
€7.30 €6.57
Refan Body Mist Japanese Cherry Blossom 100ml
Light, refreshing mist leaves skin pleasantly fragranced  100 ml. ..
Refan Yogurt and Elderberry Deodorant Roll-on 50ml
New women's delicate and fresh fragrance of Yougurt and Elderberry. Beauty through health, pu..
Refan sugar body scrub  PINK GRAPEFRUIT 240gr/8.47oz
With almond and soybean oils. The pink grapefruit sugar body scrub is a concentrate of natural ..
 Refan Bulgaria Anti-Aging Eye cream Cream Olive 30ml
Hydrates the eye area and restores its elasticity.Olive extract, rich in antioxidants, protects c..
Refan Bulgarian ''Black Rose'' Perfume Roll-on for women 10ml
New women's delicate and fresh fragrance. Beauty through health, purity and harmony with natu..
Refan Peeling Cosmetic Soap-sponge Sea 80gr
Peeling soap-sponge for bath and shower, with rich cream-foam and a special combination of essent..
Refan Bulgarian Rose Water Natural 250ml
  The Bulgarian Rose Water Natural is derived through distillation of the blossoms of Ro..
Refan Bulgaria Deep Cleansing Hand Gel "Passion Fruit" 50ml
 Deep cleansing hand gel. Without rinsing. User friendlySimply apply on dry hands,..
Refan Bulgaria Day face cream Yogurt and Rose oil 30ml
Refan PASSION FRUIT moisturizing shower gel 250ml
With olive oil and provitamin B5. It brings you the gift of an incredible feeling of freshness ..
Refan Bulgarian rose "Queen Rose" refreshing face&body mist 100 ml
  It regulates skin's water balance and produces refreshing and anti-inflammatory effect..
€6.40 €5.76
Refan Peeling Cosmetic Soap-sponge Olive 80gr
Soap with scent of olive. It provides for the comfort in the bathroom and pleasure for your skin ..
Refan Firming Anti-Aging Eye Face cream Yogurt and Olive 30ml
Anti-aging care for firmer skin around the eye area. Olive extract and concentrate yogurt smooth ..
Refan fruit bath exfoliant PASSION FRUIT 240gr/8.47oz
With almond, soybean and grape seed oils The passion fruit bath exfoliant is an exciting combin..
Refan Luxury soaps Red & White Wine 2x70g
With grape seeds oil and grape seeds powder Energizing wine cocktail for your skin This soap ..
Refan PURE Bulgarian ROSE OIL OTTO Essential 1x1ml
The Bulgarian Rose Oil Bulgarian Rose Oil (Rose Otto) is produced through steam distillation of..