Anti-acne cream gel BILE-GD with tea tree oil 50ml

Anti-acne cream gel BILE-GD with tea tree oil 50ml
Brand: Bodi-D
Product Code: Anti-acne cream gel BILE-GD with tea tree oil 50ml
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with Herbal Extracts

Acne is a very common skin problem, with consequences that go beyond simply physical.

Even when it is simply pimples, instead of the more severe forms like cystic acne, breakouts can affect a person's confidence, sense of well-being, and ability to go out and meet people. Whilst teen acne is very common, people of all ages can be affected. BILLE-GD Problem Skin Line products combine Lactic and Salicylic Acid exfoliation and the anti-inflammatory effect of carefully selected herbal extract to assist in the prevention of acne blemishes. Enriched with all ingredients required to reduce acne breakouts, soothe skin and aid in tissue repair.


With regular use BILLE-GD Line products regulate and reduce sebaceous secretions, clear up excess sebum and tighten dilated pores. Provide maximum hydration, heal and soothe irritated skin and relieve skin redness.

Proven anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect! Specially formulated for oily skin, prone to acne and comedones. Mineral oil, paraben and pefume free.

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