Refan Rose Garden Handmade Soap Natural 1kg
Beautiful garden of roses in different colors and a beautiful scent of Bulgarian rose oil. ..
The cream-soap is extremely delicate to sensitive skin. It has low pH and softly cleans the s..
Refan Lavender Three Scented Toilet Soaps 3x70 g
  LAVENDER AND ROSE - The soap contains soybean oil and rose blossom LAVENDER AND YL..
 Refan Luxury Soap „ HOLY LAKE“ 125g
  With curative mud and water from the Pomorie lagoon-lake,also known as the „Holy Lak..
Refan Bulgaria Olive Soap 95g
  With olive oil and resin extract of the Indian tree Bosw..
Refan Bulgaria Handmade Soap Milk and Oats 1kg
Natural beauty soap with natural formula without preservatives and&n..
Natural glycerin soap "SPA Energy" 90gr
  Active ingredients: extract of algae. Natural glycerin soap SPA Energy refreshes and r..
Yoghurt of Bulgaria PROBIOTIC CREAM SOAP 100gr
Mild formula, ensuring excellent cleansing and, at the same time, good skin care, due to the palm..
Refan "Rose from Bulgaria" Toilette Soap 100g/0.22lb
Slice Toilet Soap with natural rose water – sweet-scented and gently cleansing. ..
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Bulgarien Rose Soap + rose oil 100gr/3.38oz
A natural vegetable soap, enriched with a concentrate of Bulgarian rose oil, rosewater and dried ..
Biofresh Bulgarian Rose cosmetic Soap + rose water 100gr/3.53oz
Natural formula with 100% plant palm and coconut oil, without preservatives. It contains delicate..