Lightening Cosmetics

Intensive skin whitening/Lightening serum 30ml
Product Natural Action An amaizing cocktail of skin de-pigmentation and skin bleaching agents..
Skin whitening/Lightening lotion 65ml
Product Natural Action ИЕffectively helps erase freckles and brown spots on face and throat..
Intensive skin whitening/Lightening night cream 3 in 1 50ml
Product Natural Action A well balanced system of Alpha Arbutin advanced whitening ingredient ..
Skin whitening/Lightening cream 50ml
  Product Natural Action A lightweight hydrating cream to safely and effectively lig..
Lightening Concentrate anti - dark eye circles 15ml
Intensive concentrate with correcting and regenerating effect against dark circles under the eyes..
Whitening lotion for pigmented skin 135ml
Fresh, hydration lotion for intensive de-pigmentation of the face. It reduces visibly dark spots,..
Achromin Whitening Lightening Cream UV Protection
Fast and effectively removes dark spots all over the skin of face and body such as freckles, age ..
Intensive Whitening Lightening serum Achroactive Max
An innovative system for depigmenting effect on dark spots on skin. The high concentration of α ..
Achroactive Max-Whitening facе mask Lightening mask
α + β – hydroxi-acids exfoliate stratum corneum cells, thus facilitating the penetration of w..
Achroactive Max – New formula of Achromin - Whitening
-    UV-filter -    Vitamin C For all types of skin It..