Esprit Man Esprit Gift Set for Men
Set Contains: Esprit Man EDT Eau De Toilette for Men 30ml + Esprit Man Shower Gel 75ml  ..
Esprit Urban Nature For Men Gift Set for Men
Set Contains: Esprit Urban Nature For Men EDT Eau De Toilette for Men 30ml + Esprit Urban Nature ..

Esprit is an international youthful lifestyle brand founded by Doug and Susie Tompkins in 1968. The couple originally offered smart, sporty clothing from the back of their car, and began their official coprorate life as Esprit Far East Group when Michael Ying provided financial backing in the early 1970s.The company's name was changed a few years later to Esprit de Corps.By the late 1970s, the company's annual sales had grown to $120 million.The company formed an international network between Hong Kong and Germany that continues to serve as the backbnoe of the Espirt company.Esprit's unique logo, featuring a stenciled "Esprit" with a triple-bar E, was designed by John Casado in 1979. The comapny succeeded in the late 1970s/early 1980s without significant advertising or retail presence, relying on a stylized mail-order catalog that featured "real people" as models to attract new customers. Esprit Kids was launched in 1981, offering the company's signature high-quality casual wear to a younger audience. The company's distinct logo, apparel and aesthetic was later marketed through a unique "store within a store" concept that offered Esprit clothing through custom-styled sections of larger department stores. Esprit made the official move from catalogs to dedicated retail boutqiues in the mid-1980s.