Luciano Soprani


Italian designer Luciano Soprani launched its brand in 1982, released its first collection of clothes. The collection is expected success, thanks to its simplicity and charm, and Soprani immediately earned a reputation as a man with impeccable taste. Later, the brand started Luciano Soprani accessories, exclusive fabrics and, of course, fragrances. Expensive components ensure perfume incredibly long sound. Perfumes brand focused on women who take care of every latest fashion trends, for those who are not afraid to experiment with style, combine incongruous. Eau de Toilette Donna is an incredible mixture of coquetry cute, shy and sexuality. All these qualities are merged into a single bottle in the form of notes of peony, jasmine, peach, plum, iris, ylang-ylang and freesia. Perfume is based on the principles of the Italian and European chic practicality. Therein lies its attractive force. She is modern, attractive, curious. She loves life in all its manifestations, is always striving to learn something new and always in a cheerful mood. In short, this girl made for love! Miss Soprani Perfume created for the self-confident, self-motivated, going to the purpose of girls. For those who live each day as if it's the last day on earth. For those who have given to the senses, and without a trace of regret. For those who are always striving for perfection. They also continue the tradition and spirit of the brand. Fragrances are made of invisible webs of lily, magnolia, passion fruit, tangerine and orange.

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