Ikarov Pure Shea butter oil Essential oil
Shea butter is extracted from the fruit of an African tree and it consists of saturated and poly ..
Ikarov Face oil for mixed skin Natural Product 30ml/1.01oz
The base oil is a mixture of olive phytosterols and two pure plant oils - jojoba and sesame. This..
Ikarov Pure Bulgarian Rose Water Natural Product 100ml
Skin cleansing with rose water has been known for centuries, since rose water is suitable for eac..
Ikarov Pure Wheat germ oil Essential oil
It is extremely suitable for dry and aging skin due to its nourishing effect. Of all the oils it ..
Ikarov Face oil for Sensitive skin Natural Product 30ml/1.01oz
The base oil is a mixture of almond and avocado oils which are best accepted by human skin. These..
Ikarov Pure Almond oil Essential oil
Almond oil is classical skin oil. It is well-absorbed by skin and is suitable for each skin type ..
Ikarov Pure  Argan oil  Essential oil
Argan oil is extracted from the nuclei of Arganfruechte (Argania spinosa) is obtained. The argan ..
Ikarov Pure Apricot oil Essential oil
Apricot oil is very close in its composition and effect to almond oil. It contains a little more ..
Ikarov pure Hair stimulant Rosemary Natural 125ml
These are herbal extracts of milfoil, nettles and nasturtium and almond oil in which four essenti..
Ikarov Pure Coconut oil Essential oil
Coconut oil is suitable for healthy and normal skin maintenance, i.e. skin free of any particular..
Ikarov Strengthening Nail Oil Natural Product 10ml
Strengthening nail oil is a product with efficient action and fragrance. It's a mixture of almond..
Ikarov Pure Jojoba oil Essential oil
Jojoba oil is unique in the whole plant world; practically it is liquid wax. It consists mainly o..
Ikarov Anti-cellulite Pure massage oil Natural 125ml/4.22oz
Massage oil 'Cypress' is quickly absorbed by the skin making it supple and soft without being oil..
Ikarov Pure Sesame oil Essential oil
Sesame oil has well balanced fatty-acid composition and takes its position between the previous t..
Pure Anti-cellulite massage oil Juniper berry 125ml/4.23oz
Massage oil extracted from juniper berry fruit. The base oil consists of sesame and grape seed oi..
Ikarov Pure Avokado oil Essential oil
Avocado oil is one of the richest in its composition oils. Together with the oil, fatty-soluble v..
Ikarov Pure Massage oil against striae 125ml/4.23oz
When and why do striae appear? During rapid change of weight - most often during puberty, pregnan..
Ikarov Pure Macadamia oil Essential oil
Macadamia oil is extracted from the nut meat of Australian nut by cold pressing. It is included i..