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Refan Body Butter Cream Melon 200ml/7.04oz
Melon body butter cream with cocoa and shea butters, jojoba oil and yogurt Rich in natural p..
Aroma Bulgarian Cream ZDRAVE with Zinc Oxide Light formula 30g
Licht und zarte Creme mit den gleichen einzigartigen Qualitäten des traditionellen Sahne Gesundh..
Rose of Bulgaria Anti Age Cream Q10 + rose water
Every skin needs special cares for keeping its elasticity, fresh complexion and it prevents the p..
Refan Bulgarian rose "Queen Rose" day essence/cream 50ml
Gentle to skin, with a high content of natural rose oil and rose concrete, this cream combines no..
€10.90 €6.17
Refan Body Cream Yogurt and Elderberry 200ml
Lightweight, non-oily cream for visibly radiant skin. Restores comfort the body, moisturizes skin..
Rose of Bulgaria Hand Cream Age Control - Q10 50 ml
Extremely gentle and quickly absorbing cream. Contains 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil, softens, so..
Biofresh Bulgarian Night cream with ROSE water 50ml
Centuries running people trust the healing characteristics and the beautifying effect of the natu..
Rose of Bulgaria MULTI ACTIVE DAY CREAM + Pure Bulgarien rose oil 50ml/1.69OZ
Exceptionally efficient cream featuring a natural plant complex and 100 % pure Bulgarian rose oil..
Aroma anti-acne cream Zdrave local allergen-free gel 15ml
Affected for topical application to areas of acne, but can be used to treat larger areas of the s..
Biofresh Anti Age ULTRA Face Cream with natural Rose Oil
Bulgarian rose oil is the most precious, expensive and difficultly derived essential oil in natur..
Refan Bulgarian rose "Queen Rose" night essence/cream 30ml
  It combines the anti-inflammatory properties of the rose essential oil and rose concre..
€7.30 €6.57
Refan Firming Anti-Aging Day Face cream Yogurt and Olive 30ml
Anti-aging care for firmer skin on the face and neck. Extract and olive oil, rich in antioxidants..
Bulgarian Rose Hand Cream with rose oil 50ml
Active ingredients: Natural Rose water, Rose oil, Silicon oil and Vitamin F. With intensive nouri..
  Olive Age Control Day Cream wraps face in gentle veil of Olive oil, rich in antioxidan..
Day Cream Anti-Age LAVENDER Natural Product 50ml/1.69oz
Specially developed natural formula with no parabens, synthetic colours and petroleum-based produ..
Aroma anti-acne Zdrave day cream / gel allergen-free / paraben-free 50ml
The active cream-gel Zdrve stop acne is developed for sensitive skin with special needs - oily, p..
Achromin Whitening Lightening Cream UV Protection
Fast and effectively removes dark spots all over the skin of face and body such as freckles, age ..
Yoghurt of Bulgaria PROBIOTIC CREAM SOAP 100gr
Mild formula, ensuring excellent cleansing and, at the same time, good skin care, due to the palm..